Five things you can do today! – Five easy things you can do today that will change the culture of your church when it comes to mental health. Download the PDF.

A closing blessing for a service during mental health week. Download the PDF.

Self Care – a guide on caring for self in the midst of depression. Download the PDF.

Executive Director Daniel Whitehead provides an introduction to Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries and discusses the role of the Church in mental health recovery.

Rev. Prof. John Swinton presents a seminar on interpersonal relationships and mental health.


The Sanctuary Course is a small group study that runs over the course of eight weeks, taking participants on a journey of discussing faith and mental health in community. 

be held


This book by author Sue Nickel offers encouragement to individuals experiencing difficult times of depression. It is ideal for daily reading during the eight weeks of a medication trial, although it offers encouragement and hope during any stage of illness. Be Held offers both practical advice and spiritual companionship for the recovery journey. 
Sue is a retired pediatric nurse and clinical counsellor who now works as a mental health advocate with Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. She has 25 years of lived experience with clinical depression, and it is her sincere hope that this book serves as a welcome companion on the reader’s road to recovery.  

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