Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation

Faith, Grief, and COVID-19: A Conversation is a resource that addresses the questions so many of us are facing during this pandemic: How do we understand and process grief as people of faith? How can we support vulnerable and grieving members of our community while practicing physical distancing? Where can we find hope and joy in this season?

Four short films feature insights from a panel of experts with knowledge and experience in the fields of counselling, psychology, theology, and palliative care. Topics addressed include:

  • the complex and dynamic nature of grief in this season,
  • the presence of grief and lament in Scripture,
  • the role that culture and faith play in shaping our experiences of grief,
  • the importance of empathy and hospitality in the grieving process,
  • practical ways to support those who are grieving.


The films are accompanied by a discussion guide with questions, reflections, and prayers—ideal for use in small groups. The guide also offers tips for facilitation, best practices for online meetings, and links to further resources on mental health and COVID-19.