Sanctuary’s mission is to equip the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. Racial trauma can be incredibly damaging to the mental health of people and communities who have been oppressed and marginalized by overt and systemic racism. At Sanctuary, we hope to provide resources that help Christians open conversations about these issues. Our organization plans to spend more time researching, listening, learning, developing, and sharing on this topic in the coming years. Please continue to check this page for new resources about race, mental health, and faith.

We’re happy to announce Sanctuary’s newest project: Healing in Colour, an art collection featuring Black, Indigenous, and peoples of colour artists from around the world whose work tells stories of race, faith, and mental health. The artwork is featured at the Dal Schindell Gallery (free for viewing, online and in-person following COVID-19 guidelines) from May 5 – June 11, and is part of our ongoing work to equip the Church to support mental health and wellbeing by reducing stigma and starting conversations about mental health.

At Sanctuary, we recognize that historic and systemic oppression, as well as overt racism, lead to racial trauma and other mental health challenges, and we want our Asian sisters and brothers to know that we see you, we hear you, and we are with you. As an organization which promotes mental health and wellbeing, we recognize the impact of racism and condemn and denounce racism in all its forms, and we celebrate and acknowledge the dignity, worth, and value of all people made in the image of God. We also want to celebrate Asian cultures, protect Asian communities, support Asian businesses, and recognize Asian accomplishments. As an organization, we are thankful for the tremendous contributions of our Asian staff members, and we celebrate their perspectives, gifts, talents, and leadership.

In response to recent events, and acknowledging the historical racism experienced by Asian peoples, here are some resources our team has collected which may support you in caring for your own mental health, educating yourself, and becoming a better ally.

Recovering Hope

Sanctuary has partnered with author, speaker, and activist Tiffany Bluhm to produce a devotional addressing the intersection of race, mental health, and faith.  “Recovering Hope”—available now on the YouVersion Bible app—explores the realities of racial trauma and examines the themes of recovery found in Paul’s letters. Readers from every background will be encouraged to share stories, reflect on identity, and look for opportunities to cultivate hope and reconciliation in their communities. 


An interview on The Sanctuary Blog with author, speaker, and activist Tiffany Bluhm. Tiffany is passionate about seeing communities and individuals transformed, whether in the UK or in her own backyard of Washington state. Here, she tells us a little more about the mission and messages that motivate her, and reflects on the significance of bringing mental health into dialogue with race and faith. 

Black Lives Matter

Sanctuary’s mission is to equip the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. Recent events have reminded us that there is so much more we can do in fighting against racial injustice, inequality, and white supremacy as we advocate for the creation of healthy communities that promote and sustain mental wellbeing. We acknowledge that we can do better in listening to and supporting people and communities who have been traumatized, oppressed, and marginalized by overt and systemic racism.

This blog post contains links to resources for those wanting to learn more about racial inequality, particularly at the intersection of faith and mental health.

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