At Sanctuary, we provide training, tools, and resources to equip the Church to support mental health and wellbeing. We’ve partnered with other organizations who also provide high-quality resources for churches and individuals related to other aspects of mental health. Below you’ll find a list of our partners and friends, as well as links to their websites and resources.

University of Aberdeen

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is one of the Ancient Scottish universities. The university’s Centre for Spirituality, Health, and Disability is at the cutting edge of research in theology and disability, spirituality and healthcare, and the theology of mental health; it is considered a centre of excellence for these areas of reasearch.
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Livability Logo


Livability is a UK-based charity that has been connecting people with their communities for over 170 years. Through a wide range of disability, education, training and community services, Livability promotes inclusion and wellbeing for all while tackling social isolation and the barriers it can cause in the lives of people with disabilities.
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Renew Wellbeing Logo

Renew Wellbeing

Renew Wellbeing is a UK-based charity that helps churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion, in partnership with mental health teams, to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.
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Ending Poverty Together

This free content platform boasts hundreds of thought-provoking articles, videos, testimonies, and courses from industry experts who are dedicating their lives to ending poverty in all forms. Ending Poverty Together offers Canadians access to the knowledge, tools, and networks needed to make a sustainable impact for the vulnerable in their communities.
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Mental Health Access Pack Logo

Mental Health Access Pack

The Mental Health Access Pack is a free bite-sized virtual resource to help your church understand and engage with mental and emotional health. Written by The Mind and Soul Foundation, Livability and Premier Lifeline, this site hosts 30 concise articles that cover common conditions, answer spiritual questions and provide practical tips.
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Think Twice Logo


ThinkTwice is a Christian mental health charity born out of a personal struggle with mental illness. ThinkTwice provides training courses, mental health sermons, and seminars to equip churches and similar organisations in their care for people. They also raise awareness of mental health within wider society and aim to reduce the stigma so many people still face today.
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Grace Alliance Logo

Grace Alliance

Grace Alliance is a Texas-based organization that cultivates healthy solutions for hearts and minds through simple, innovative biblical truths, scientific research, and practical tools. They create resources and provide training/support for facilitators who lead faith-based small groups for people living with and affected by anxiety, depression, and other life challenges.
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The Mind and Soul Foundation

A UK-based charity that exists to educate, by sharing the best of Christian theology and mental health advances; to equip, by helping people meet God and recover from emotional distress; and to encourage, by engaging with the local church and mental health services. They produce high-quality resources and articles about mental health and faith.
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Power to Change

Power to Change (P2C) is a Canada-wide organization that helps people know Jesus and experience His power to change the world. This family of ministries reaches out in a variety of spheres—to diplomats, athletes, families, vulnerable populations, and more with the life-changing news of Jesus. P2C believes that when people know Jesus, their lives, communities, and nations are changed.
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