I don’t feel equipped or qualified to facilitate these conversations. What might you recommend?
The Sanctuary Course can be run by anyone who has experience facilitating small groups. The course does not require you to have any special knowledge about mental health; it only requires a willingness to create a safe space for conversation and learning.

If you’d like to run the course, but are feeling nervous about doing it alone, why not consider collaborating with an experienced small-group leader or a mental health professional in your church?

What kind of training is required to run The Sanctuary Course?
There is no training required. However, experience leading a small group is helpful. The Leader’s Guide and Session 1 provide valuable information about how to facilitate the course. There is no separate Leader’s Manual. The Leader’s Guide is contained in the coursebook.

Do I need to purchase The Sanctuary Course for each person in my group?
No. When you or your church purchase The Sanctuary Course one time, you have access for your church community. That means that everyone in your small group(s) can access the course content for themselves.

Is there a limit on how long I have access to The Sanctuary Course?
No. When you or your church purchase The Sanctuary Course one time, you have access for life. You will always be able to revisit and reuse the materials with additional groups. 

Can I run this course with multiple small groups at the same time?
Yes. If all the small groups are running at the same time in the same place, you can gather to watch the course film at a predetermined time (if you have a large screen). You can also use your discretion about which parts of the course you might like to process in a large group setting.

How do participants access the coursebook?
After you purchase the course, a PDF of the coursebook will be emailed to you. You can also access the coursebook from the course content webpage by using the password you received after purchasing the course. You can distribute the coursebook to your participants by emailing the PDF to them or sharing the password to the course content page.

How do participants view the coursebook?
Participants can access the coursebook PDF on their iPads, phones, or laptops. Some participants may choose to print the coursebook on a home printer or have it professionally printed. Your group or church might also decide to print the coursebook for all your participants.

Please inform participants that it’s necessary to bring some version of the coursebook to each group meeting.

How can I print the coursebook?
You can print the course on a home or office printer, but please be advised that a large amount of ink will be required. Feel free to send the coursebook to an online printer or a local printer in your area. The price of printing will depend on the printer you choose, whether you print in black and white or colour, and whether the copies need to be shipped.

When should the reading be completed?
The Sanctuary Course is intended to be read, processed, and responded to in community. This means that each session can be read together out loud during the small group time. Invite participants to take turns reading and then pause to talk about the discussion questions.

However, groups may decide they’d rather complete the reading outside of group time and spend more time on the discussion questions and reflection activity when they meet. Decide as a group what works best for you.

Why are the films cutting in and out?
For best viewing quality, download the films to your device. This will prevent a slow Internet connection from interfering with your experience.

To download the films, you can use the All Media page or the individual session pages. On the All Media page, click on the film you would like to download. A new page will appear with the film. Right click on the media player and select “Save File As.” On the individual session pages, click on the yellow button for the Film (with or without subtitles). Then follow the same steps to download the video file by right clicking on the media player. 

How do I use the audiobook?

After launching the course, we had a number of requests for an audiobook. Having The Sanctuary Course on audiobook makes the course more accessible for all kinds of people, including those with visual impairments or who prefer listening to reading. It also helps leaders facilitate their groups by either listening to the sessions together as a group or encouraging group members to listen to the material before they meet.

When you log in to the course page, there is a button to download the entire audiobook right below to the button to download the course PDF. You can also play each session of the audio book individually when you go to the individual session pages. 

If you’d like to download each session of the audiobook individually, you can do so on the All Media page or on each session’s page. On the All Media, clicking on the file takes you to a media player on its own page. Right click on this media player and select “Save File As.” On the individual session pages, click on the yellow “Audiobook Session” button and then follow the same steps to download the file by right clicking on the media player. 

How can I use The Sanctuary Course while practicing physical distancing or in quarantine?

The Course Welcome page and the All Media page have a downloadable .pdf that outlines best practices for participating in The Sanctuary Course with your community online. We encourage you to walk through the course with other people, preferably using video meetings.

I received a discount code for The Sanctuary Course. How do I use the discount code?

To receive your discount on the course, you’ll need to complete the checkout process. Go to “About the Course” and click the “Get it now” button. This will take you to the checkout page where you can add the course to your cart. When you go to complete the checkout process, there is an option at the very top to add a discount code. Click to enter your code, then your discount will be applied. Then select “Place order” and you will receive an email giving you access to the course.

If your coupon code has an expiration date, you must use the code to purchase the course before that date. However, once the purchase has been made, you will have access to The Sanctuary Course for life.

A screenshot of where to enter your coupon on the checkout page.

Why do I need a discount code if The Sanctuary Course is free forever?

We’re currently developing a new, user-based access model for The Sanctuary Course that will allow individuals to create free accounts and access resources through their accounts. We’re looking forward to switching systems as soon as this new model is fully developed, tested, and user-friendly. In the meantime, the website will continue to function the same way, with discount codes and a check out process. Once the new system is ready, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up an account and password, as well as how to use the new site. 

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