Below you will find a variety of resources for you and your community to use as you process the impact of COVID-19. There are discussion guides, video interviews, audio materials, and blog posts. These materials feature the voices of Sanctuary Ambassadors, mental health experts, theologians, pastors, and people with lived experiences of mental health challenges. We hope that the resources below will be useful for you as you navigate this unprecedented season.

The new Sanctuary app features Together Again—a game to spark conversations about wellbeing and faith. This app was specifically designed for the UK, but it is available worldwide for anyone who wants to connect with others as pandemic restrictions ease. Discover a simple way to keep the wellbeing conversation alive in our faith communities and beyond with Together Again.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated grief in all of our lives. We have lost jobs, financial security, health, community connections, and the opportunity to gather and celebrate significant milestones such as graduations, weddings, births, and anniversaries. In addition, we are reminded daily of the lives lost to the virus.

These losses raise larger questions for us as Christians. How do we understand and process grief as people of faith? How can we support vulnerable and grieving members of our community while practicing physical distancing? Where can we find hope and joy in this season? This short series of films tackles these questions, inviting viewers to engage in a conversation about faith, grief, and COVID-19.

Over the course of four sessions, participants will gather virtually, watch a film featuring insights from a panel of experts, and engage in discussion questions, reflection, and prayer.

We’ve created an additional course session to address the unique need for mental health awareness and education in this season. The ways that we understand and process our experiences of COVID-19 will have long-term implications for our recovery and mental health. This session may be completed before you begin the first session of The Sanctuary Course, after you finish the last session of The Sanctuary Course, or as a stand-alone discussion guide. The session is freely available as part of The Sanctuary Course materials.

During these extraordinary times, while we can’t be with each other physically, we can reach out through screens and over phones, and we can share our stories with each other. Join Sanctuary’s CEO, Daniel Whitehead, as he interviews pastors, front line workers, ministry leaders, and friends about their experience of the pandemic and where they are making meaning and finding hope in the ups and downs of this season.

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